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TFframe Light Box Display

TFframe as one brand of Hawk Display, which is professional in all kinds of light box display manufacture and most light box display from TFframe brand has these features:


Custom Styles:

In TFframe, there are lots of light box styles you can choose form, such as common rectangular, square shape with curved or straight corner and all kinds of non-standard shapes. Most light box display frames can be wall mounted, free-standing with optional aluminum bases and double or single sided graphic in a variety of applications including shopping malls, retail stores, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial or decoration environments.


Custom types:

According different constructions, display light boxes can be divided into three main types. First, the small display light box with a lighted panel, like super thin lighted picture frame. Second, light box with some LED bars from four sides. Third, light box with lights from the back and the back lights can be a panel whose face is full of light bars or a hanging curtain by some light bars. To meet different tastes and rich the choice of customers, TFframe can offer these different light boxes.


Custom Sizes:

TFframe can offer all kinds of display light boxes with different sizes. Usually, the custom width of whole light box display is from 40cm to 500cm or more and the optional depth range of aluminum light box display is from 20cm to 180cm. Sure, if you have special size requirements, TFframe can try it's best to meet your needs in terms of reasonable architecture and aesthetics of light box display.


Graphic installation:

Most TFframe graphics are installed with a silicone strip. When our professional printer printed the graphics for light boxes, our professional sewer would sew the graphic edges with a thin silicone strip. Then inserting the finished fabric to the interval on aluminum profile of the whole frame, the light box will display with a flat and frameless appearance.


TFframe can not only provide the frame of light box displays, but also offer custom printed work. Within your budget, it can provide a satisfied solution absolutely.