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Tool-free frame-making solution for LED Light-box (Light-up the world with your finger-tip)
   TF Frame is a Tool-free frame-making solution for making LED Light-box. We adopt aluminum and LED modular components with superb quality together with our patented high precision connector to produce the high quality, safety and polished framing system.
The framing system can widely apply to exhibition hall, retail shop, automobile "4SW shop and interior decoration. TF Frame is light-weight and easy to install without using tools which can lower the cost of labor and transportation. We provide standard size frame system and of course we can have your own custom-made for your needs. The graphic image will be made according to customers¡¯ design with our Korean D.gen direct digital print on tension fabric. TF Frame will light-up your world with finger-tip.

HAWK Display Introduction

Established in 1993, Changzhou Hawk Display System Co.,Ltd consists of 3 branch companies-- ChangZhou Hawk Display Appliance Manufacture Co., Ltd ,Formerly ChangZhou Yingcai Advertisement Show Co., Ltd, Changzhou E-Card Advertisement products Co.,Ltd.  located in JiangSu Province, Eastern part of China, one hour by train from Shanghai ,2 hours by plane from Beijing or Guangzhou.

Hawk Display is a professional manufacturer and supplier of portable display system and module exhibition solutions. The manufacture center occupies a total area of over 12,000 square-meter site which includes production plant and warehouse. More than 250 staff work under seven departments, namely Administration and Human Resource, Finance, Research & Development, Production, Marketing and Sales. Each department is run by a small management team lead by a department manager.

Hawk carries 17 series of over 250 products within which 28 products have patent within China, 2 products have patents in Germany and 1 product in United States. In order to comply with the Safety Ordinance, there are five models of our product in Europe and four models in North America have qualified the Safety Conformity. Some of the products and parts have achieved CE & UL approval in Europe and United States respectively. Most of Hawk products are exported to countries all over Europe, North America and Middle East through our sales network, Hawk Display has a medium-sized market share and has annual turnover of over 15 million US Dollars.

Being the ISO9001: 2000 certified factory, s, all Hawk Display products are manufactured with the highest European standard of workmanship and the best quality of materials available.

All products are constantly subjected to demanding quality control, well-tested on the market and designed to provide years  of trouble-free use. Hawk also brings in the advanced ERP management system to ensure smooth production workflow and timely delivery.


The design of our products is always aiming to achieve  the utmost in functionality, attractive looks, quality finish and  close attention to the smallest detail. Last, but not least: All Hawk Display products have a user-friendly construction.


Our goal is to be a leading exhibition solution supplier, with up-to-date and innovative product solutions. Hawk products will give you the perfect solutions to realize  well-functioning and attractive displays and exhibits. Purchase a Hawk display product and be sure to get a product aimed at the future.